Used Hagglunds BV206 amphibious for sale

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Used Hagglunds BV206 amphibious for sale
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For more than 60 years, we has been building the world's leading distributor and supplier of both new and used Ex.MOD & NATO used vehicles and Equipment from United Kingdom.

We always have a large Stock of Used / Refurbished HAGGLUND BV206 ATV's available.
We stock and supply Used / Refurbished HAGGLUND BV206 Amphibious Vehicles to customers all over the world from tropical climates to the icy tundra of the polar regions.

Choice of BV206 Amphibious Models

Since 2011 we have sold over 500 Used BV206 and are well versed at preparing these amazing machines to suit any environment and any role requiring the particular talents of these extra-ordinary vehicles.

Originally designed for the both Civilian and Military use in the 1980's as an All Terrain Personnel and Equipment Carrier the BV206 has since gone on to established itself as one of the most formidable off roaders in the world.

Our clients include:

°BV206 Estate Owners BV206 Shoot and Camping Vehicles
°BV206 Emergency Services Fire Brigade, Ambulance and Mountain Rescue Services
°Disaster Aid and Support i.e. Earth Quakes, Flooding
°Public Service Companies for works undertaken where access is restrictive
°Oil and Gas Exploration and Development
°Forest Management, Anti-poaching Operations, Fish Farming
°Polar Exploration and Arctic Expeditions
°Overseas Civil Defense Forces
°Price from 16,000 GBP

HAGGLUNDS BV206 consists of two units, with all four tracks powered. It can carry up to 17 people (6 in the front compartment, 11 in the rear), although the trailer unit can be adapted for different applications (see Models Menu on the Sidebar)

These tracked vehicles, achieve low ground pressure through full-length, wide rubber tracks and a lightweight body. The two driven sections of the vehicle are articulated, allowing it to keep contact with the ground over broken terrain.

The ground pressure is low enough that the vehicle can traverse loose snow without sinking. The fiberglass body is even amphibious, and the vehicle is propelled in water by its tracks.

It's Glass Reinforced Plastic Body makes the vehicle light and agile and whilst in military service it offered no protection to the occupants in terms of armour, this agility in it's civilian role makes it the perfect platform for users of these vehicles where normal 4x4 type vehicles reach the limit of their "off road" capability.
With a choice of either Ford V6 Petrol Engine which can be LPG converted or the newly introduced and installed Ford Turbo Diesel Engine, customers have an almost unlimited choice of uses to which they can put these machines. Have a look at the different models of BV206 we produce along with the wide range of other modifications which we are available to customers.

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