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The last word in off road vehicles...

Excellent off-road ability
Low operating costs, little maintenance
Fully amphibious, Minimal ground pressure, even with full load

LJackson and co ltd are the largest distributor in the world

We stock and supply Used / Refurbished Hagglund Bv 206 to customers all over the world from tropical climates to the icy tundra of the polar regions.

More 150 BV206 in stock for sale

Personnel Carriers - Cargo Carriers - Soft Tops - Specialist Build Vehicles, Shoot and Camping vehicles, Fire Appliances, Ambulance, Drill Rigs etc. etc.

Hagglunds BV206 Special Builds

We can bespoke build your unit to suit your particular needs...

Hagglunds BV206 Special Builds

What ever the colour, whatever the modification, hard top or soft top...

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original Willy`s Jeeps

Posted: 2019-09-23
Clicks: 7426

One of our customers travelling in convoy on their way back from the the Arnham celebrations called in to collect their Land Rover fire engine.

Nice to see some beautiful original Willy`s Jeeps which they kindly allowed us to take a photo of in exchange for a cuppa.

original Willy`s Jeeps | MOD direct sales

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