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The last word in off road vehicles...

Excellent off-road ability
Low operating costs, little maintenance
Fully amphibious, Minimal ground pressure, even with full load

LJackson and co ltd are the largest distributor in the world

We stock and supply Used / Refurbished Hagglund Bv 206 to customers all over the world from tropical climates to the icy tundra of the polar regions.

More 150 BV206 in stock for sale

Personnel Carriers - Cargo Carriers - Soft Tops - Specialist Build Vehicles, Shoot and Camping vehicles, Fire Appliances, Ambulance, Drill Rigs etc. etc.

Hagglunds BV206 Special Builds

We can bespoke build your unit to suit your particular needs...

Hagglunds BV206 Special Builds

What ever the colour, whatever the modification, hard top or soft top...

You are here: Hagglunds BV206 Arctic tourism and Exploration

Hagglunds BV206 Arctic tourism and Exploration

The BV206 was designed for use by the Swedish Army originally and therefore one of the main criteria in the design was that the vehicle could operate in extreme cold and snow covered regions.
This has made the BV206 the obvious choice for commercial organisations with operations in cold climates as well as being the vehicle of preference for Arctic expeditions.
Hagglunds All Terrain Vehicle are used as transport in Antarctica, Iceland, Canada, North of Russia. You can view footage of the Hagglunds BV206 in use in snow by using the link below:

**** This video has been reproduced from public domain YouTube footage ***


  1. Excellent off-road ability due to articulated steering and four-track drive
  2. Low operating costs, little maintenance
  3. Minimal ground pressure, even with full load
  4. Works in all types of terrain and under any climatic conditions
  5. Fully amphibious without extra preparations
  6. Excellent traction and hill-climbing ability
  7. Two tons payload, with the possibility of coupling an extra 2500 kg trailer
  8. Cold starting down to -52C
  9. Excellent heating and ventilation, air conditioning is available as an option.
  10. Easily changed rear body configuration

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